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SOA Consortium FAQ

Q: What’s the upside of being an SOA Consortium member – is it enterprises evaluating their SOA options? Is it just a consortium where people check off the box that they are participants?
A: The majority of our members are actively pursuing an SOA strategy, either within their enterprise, government agency or as a consultant/systems integrator. The upside for them is:

(a) To interact with fellow practitioners and industry experts to
     exchange ideas, best practices, and tips;

(b) To collaborate on thought leadership material to help move the
     market to the idea of business-driven SOA, thus making their SOA
     roll-outs easier; and

(c) To gain visibility in the field.

Our members are working towards enterprise level SOA. As such, they recognize the importance of technology, but spend more time focusing on other aspects, such as business buy-in, governance, operations, business participation and organizational change.

On the sponsor/technology vendor side, our members are collaborating on sharing real-life (business oriented) case studies to get the message of SOA out of the technology weeds and into the executive suite. Part of this messaging includes outreach to business and technology influencers, including leading academic journals, consulting organizations, trade groups, and analyst firms. We are also working with BPM organizations to “break the artificial divide” in the industry between SOA and BPM.

The majority of our members (sponsors, vendors, practitioners) are active participants in the SOA Consortium.

Q: What is the time commitment for members?
A: The average time commitment for members is 5 hours a month. That includes call participation and contribution to working group deliverables.
Q: What is the time commitment for steering committee representatives, working group chairs and Consortium chairs?
A: In addition to the typical member time commitment, steering committee members might be called on for an extra one-hour per month. Working group chairs average 15 hours a month and are expected to attend the quarterly meetings, 2 days per quarter. The SOA Consortium Co-Chairs (Steering Committee Chairs) contribute an additional 4 hours a month, and are expected to attend the quarterly meetings, 2 days per quarter.
Q: Is the SOA Consortium a standards organization?
A: No, the SOA Consortium is not a standards organization–it is an advocacy group. The SOA Consortium will work with standards organizations as appropriate.
Q: How can my organization become a member?
A: Fill out the membership application form located here.
Q: Does the SOA Consortium have individual memberships?
A: No, we only have organizational memberships.
Q: When is the next meeting?
A: The complete schedule of events is located here.
Q: I’m holding a conference and am interested in having an SOA Consortium representative to speak; whom do I contact?
A: For speaker, press or analyst inquiries, please send an email to with your request.


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